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You get to a point when you need to have a website that does more. Beyond the normal, out-of-the-box solutions. That's where we come in. From customising Magento, or building something completely unique, Revelation specialise in high-specification custom online stores, web apps, cloud software and more. If you need something that doesn't exist yet, we'll build it.

Core UX

Core UX is unique to Revelation. It's our principal of designing software and systems around an amazing User Experience. By focusing on the user, your customers, site admins, web managers, subscribers and shoppers will get the very best - at every level. Frontend customisation, quality design, combined with backend layouts with just as much care and attention.

Bulletproof Frameworks

We love working with solid frameworks, and leveraging existing open-source platforms to increase functionality, features, and reduce development costs. E-commerce solutions based on Magento have a full shopping system, order management and fulfilment. Symfony systems have security and scaleability at their heart. Bootstrap keeps the layout pixel perfect.

Network Team

Our team includes a wide network of technical specialists. Trusted partners, freelancers, agents and consultants that work on very specific platforms, protocols and systems. Combined with our internal team, our networks allows us to work on software for smaller companies, up to international enterprise-grade solutions.

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Meet the team

Our team of technical specialists work across multi-discipline design, programming, testing and maintenance. Our extended network team includes other agencies, professionals and consultants to cover almost every digital requirement.

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Web apps for all devices.

You may not need a dedicated application for iOS or Android. Web-based applications can be accessed from anywhere, on virtually any device. Better compatibility, updateability, refresh cycles, deployment and management options.

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